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Produzione di madreleghe per la zincatura

Among the wide range of Ital Leghe productions, there are also several activities dedicated to the production of the so-called Master alloys. 

Master alloys are used in hot zinc-coating processes to balance the percentage of minor metals in molten bath. Thus, the Master alloy is added in the molten bath when it is necessary element  

from the high melting point. The alloy element will be in the maximum possible percentage, allowing its quickly dissolution inside the molten bath itself. 

In Ital Leghe production processes, the Master alloy controls and correct the chemical composition of the bath. All the zinc-based alloys contain variable percentages of aluminium, copper or antimony and are suitable for standard or customised demands of the market.


The Master alloys represent the perfect solution for several production demands, such as in the need of products wear- and oxidation resistant and with excellent mechanical resistance. 

These alloys are also applied to create machinability elements in a ductile way or products with particularly chromatic performance.

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